Saturday, May 28, 2011

The 1st Entry

I've never been the blogging type. I definitely enjoy writing, and would bring something new and hopefully needed to the online blogging community. The trouble is I'm no writer, at least not a real one. Real writers are the people with a story to tell and something to say. That's where I lack the necessary pedigree.

Not that I'm completely brain-dead or anything because I do definitely have a voice and stories I could tell, but there is a lack of anything real to write about. I haven't traveled the world or lived the high octane life that people want to see themselves in. I'm not a respected scholar, or even disrespected one at that. I am just a person. A regular person who works a regular job in a regular mall. If I were to walk outside right now and look around I would see nothing but the brand of Americana that bombards us in breakfast cereal commercials and on the ABC Family channel.

That's not to say that I've never done anything of note. I have done some things, but to be perfectly candid my past experiences have done more to tease and entice then to really provide an inspiration deep enough to warrant a tell-all tale. Thus, I'm left at a quandary. I want to be a writer but have no one to read my musings. The only actual option within my grasp is to live, and hopefully live long enough to have done something not only worth writing about, but more importantly worth reading.

This realization comes with a caveat. Now that I've found myself at this higher point of understanding I've left myself with no choice but to press forward. I'm going to have to use the blog as a tool for honing my craft. It will be a way for me to stay true to the volition inside. A writer, or in this case would-be writer, needs to write. They need to develop their voice, and they need to find that place that they can write from free of the influence of anything else. It's a tall order, one that many people smarter and more talented than I am have failed to fill. Yes it's scary, but more than that it's invigorating.

Like a sailor in the 1400s had to steady himself for a voyage he took into the still unknown ocean, I find myself refocusing, and sharpening my senses. The road ahead promises to provide obstacles and trials. I'm not entirely sure that I won't be one of the unfortunate ones to find failure. What am I sure about is the fact that I face the journey armed with this blog, my wit, and hopefully ever improving writing to slay any trial I may find in my path. At the very least it should be fun to not only provide, but to also follow the running commentary along the way. Who knows? Maybe when all is said and done I will have found not only the blogger hiding somewhere in the corners of my head, but also awaken the writer that sleeps in there too.